Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012

It's Elementary, yes especially with The Raven

Edgar Allen Poe, or "Poe" is well known for the poem that's called "The Raven".  What's special about this?  Why would you want to think about it?  Well for a few different reasons...being..

1. Seasonal- it takes place, or the setting is in dark and dreary December - December is the month we are in right now.   

2. The Raven is put next to or juxtaposed to a Seraphim (AKA a winged angel, six sit next to God according some religious texts etc).  This is shown through specific word choice by Poe.

3.  The Raven at one point perches itself upon a bust of Pallas.Pallas is significant for three specific reasons.  

A.Pallas has relations to Athena the Goddess of Wisdom and could actually be Athena since Pallas's exact place in Greek Mythology is questionable, she might even be a titan.  More interestingly however is that there is a ..

B. Pallas cat species that is native to Parts of Asia specifically Mongolia and central Asia.  

C. Famous Astroid Pallas.  

SO Pallas is a good name to drop and if Poe thought about this at all or probably was just thinking that Pallas and the Raven are a good match together for visualization and that sort of thing. 


Gilead and Aidenn  Gildead and Aidenn Gilead and Aidenn Gilead and Aidenn Gildead and Aidenn Gildead and Aidenn Gildead

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Hawk who fell in Love with a lady

Upon noticing a pile up of vehicles heading south on Comstock Hill Road, I was startled to see what the fuss was all about.  There, limping in a funny hopping-like way was a felled hawk.  I gazed at the bird and see how and could behold how he as faking it.  Both wings were intact but slightly bent, feigning some type of broken wing problem.  I know this since when a lady made a move to get out of her car, he lurched for an instant in a "fake out" as if he was about to fly off, but instead stayed hopping on the asphalt acting as if he had a wound.  Had to be so he could get attention, from something even better than another bird a real life lady.

I'm wondering what made him feel like he could get away with this.  Some subtle act of nerve--- some nerve to try and trick the superior animal Man into falling for him and even taking him under their wing.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Land Mines and Delicacy: walking talking electric fence

What happens when all that exists for an individual is a series of trip wires?  Yes harmony through discord exists but what's there is something one might have to search for and find with expert level analysis.  This means that there might be a possibility to act with fluidity and elegance while maintaing emotional integrity in regards to depth of feeling. 
When expletives become stretchy and long what will result.  Will time take on newness so that passing of time is agreeable to the system?  

Monday, June 11, 2012

Individuals who cast personal aspersions (sounds like Aspergers)

Talk about a touchy subject!  Let's begin with the *purposefully* benign instance of a walk down the street.  OOPS.  Stepped in gum.  Now what?

1. Start to fume like a volcano.  Allow all kinds of thoughts to enter the mind such as, @#$#^#&#&#*  !@#%^&%$## &*^%$##  ^&&^$$ !!!!!!!!  (direct these expletives towards the imagined individual )

2. Keep walking but remain peeved and petulant.  Petulance enters the equation since from an outside perspective all that's seen is irritability for an unknown reason- (unknown because no one can tell there's gum on ones shoe but the one with the gum on the shoe).

3. Make a decisive decision which will direct the next course of action.  a. Take the time to scrape the gum off the shoe using a tool  This is good since this type of behavior is what separates animals and people.

Now all one has to do is self-congratulate.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mind and it's intrinsic ability to create/manifest Artificial Reality, Simulation, and how This relates to Imagination and Creativity..

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Men in Black 3 or MIBIII.  It was a real treat for many reasons that include: Pitbulls "Back in Time"  which I like as much if not more than Will Smith's tune "Here come the men in Black".  This movie touches upon the concept of time travel and people's ability to move through dimensions . Human and alien interaction is explored and like usual brought to life through wonderful imaginative creations.  Many of the alien creations were found in the kitchen in Chinatown.  Interestingly enough many had the appearance of being an aquatic creature and this is not the first time the relation between the deep sea/coral reef/shallow water dwelling oceanic species has made it's way as to resemble alien life.  It's true that space and the ocean have similarities.  The Ocean is up for exploration just like the universe.

How does the mind relate to space, time travel and simulation?   Well the explanation is two fold- before I went to see mib3 I had a though provocative experience.

In the passenger side of a vehicle traveling aprox. 45 mph with the early evening sun casting light on my face directly (since the window was down) and the wheels of the tires moving through puddles of water (the was after rain) for a split second/ instant I could picture myself on top of a mountain and flying through the air just like snowboarder the flying tomato Shaun White.  Ding!

What was the difference between this instant of complete mental immersion into a pretend or made up version of flying through the air and the actual experience of doing such?  The obvious response is well- one is real and one is fake.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Findings in nature part a zillion

On Friday, June First, 2012 I spotted a couple of cardinals playing on the garden hose by the wall.  This incident was particularly interesting to me because I believe they were trying to get a drink from it in addition to playing for playing sake.  

Today, I found this picture of a small bird next to a kelly (This isn't Kelly Green but Olive Green) Green garden hose.  This image definitely doesn't portray the instance of what it was like to glimpse the two cardinals but has a completely different mood.  With this in mind, it's intriguing to compare how birds by garden hoses are able to have separate and even conflicting manners of coming across to an individual like myself.  Why does this issue present itself to have relevancy (The Scientific word one borrows from physics or Earth Sciences is proving adequate in explanation right now since it's being brought up to attention how vastly diverse the pairing of objects can be and photography is the simplest modern medium to capture this since it's advent although of course drawing and other photo realist-type of works do a good job.  However, that type of talk isn't that significant.  Especially when at it's essence this is an idea that's born out of feeling/emotion as it's only way to comprehend the issue.  

Points being made broken down for simple comprehension:

1.  Two Objects - Bird (object A) Garden Hose (object B)

2.  Bird (Object A) and Bird 2 (Object A1)  playing by the Garden Hose (Object B)

3. Bird (Object A) and Garden Hose (Object B) With the Bird (Object A) sitting next to the Garden Hose (Object B) not playing

4.  What's the difference between the Number One (1.) example and the Number Two (2.) Example?  OK asking to find a difference is a lot- maybe that's too much to figure out.  Let's reduce it so that it's much easier.  (It  (It)  being the gleaming)  does it seem apparent that the only way to tell a difference with similar objects is when the application of feeling/emotion is put into play with 1. and 2. ?  This is one approach the other approach is to take out the entire instance of objects and base it completely on theory, here we now have an idea that is just what if we only thought used the imagination to think we might have seen two birds and then another one only through digital formal through the google images search.  Now there's no way any one will predict any sort of conclusion.  No equals (=), No sum or end product that will be brought up.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson I haven't read but I have given thought to finding patterns in the leaves of trees and foliage especially in a jungle or deep forest setting.  (a la Nature Boy) What types of connections could you find?  Probably a few different ones that would be aesthetically pleasing with some function.  Like the obvious Spiderweb!

This is very Moody Blues and has the intonation of a psychedelic way of thinking.  That's Okay.

Colors shifting in the dark.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Mailman versus The Catbird

Interestingly enough today I noticed something that one can describe as an issue of territory.  Subject being how much of a nuisance are Catbirds and their nests in regards to mail delivery on a day-to-day basis.  In this instance here I am able to parlay the witnessing of a single Catbird displacement through the removal of a bit of thicket  located near the black mailbox.   

What's good about the thicket becoming smaller is that the Yellow Lillies (just like Van Gogh's only Yellow and not Purple) stand out more/have more of a presence and give the black mailbox drama.  The problem being is that the Catbird's nest is gone so the Catbird will have to make a new one.  When I watched/observed it's behavior today it seemed apparent that it was in a state similar to shock.  
I could be just projecting.      

Did the mailman/postal carrier  feel that the thicket was presenting a challenge?  I think it was just an instance of tidying up.  

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Roman Calender vs Druid Calender and issue of Practicality (does the Mayan/Aztec Calender count?)

This is a Mayan Calander 1.Carved in Stone 2.Face with Tongue Hanging out

Why have the Romans remained quite so popular with the advent of their calender? This means it seems that everyone uses it as a method in which to plan events and meetings. I believe that the circular method of date planning that the Druids/Celtics, Mayans, Aztecs (some-what ancient civilizations B.C. etc) had a stronger footing based upon the basis of reality.

Some people call the way to say the days of the week on the left "Spanish" and the Right "English".

Monday Sunday

Tuesday Monday

Wednesday Tuesday

Thursday Wednesday

Friday Thursday

Saturday Friday

Sunday Saturday

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Organization of Chaos



wave frequency in regards to the habitual nature of the destructive tendencies that can be associated with synchronicity.

Ecologically speaking I like to relate the obvious example of waves in the ocean with electromagnetic waves.

parle this through microwaves and cell phone towers and maybe harmonize them with brain wave frequencies and then try and mix it up to see what you get.

Predicting the future

Oftentimes I've spent wondering to myself the validity of predicting the future in the sense that are voices in your head God speaking to you directly. Today in the political realm lots of politicians have made statements saying that God speaks to them/suggests alternative behavior to the way in which mankind has been conducting themselves. The Conducive/non-conducive manner of thought that has been brought up into debate seems to be a black and white argument. (We all know the power of gray these days :D )

Is there really a time to heal, a time to kill, a time to stand, a time to sit, a time to jump, a time to spin? The whole fact of the matter is that since the world is heliocentric (thanks Copernicus) revolves around the sun, the idea of time is completely a manifest of relativity. On the basis of what's relative what's to suggest that time and the circular/ circadian / loop method of measurement has an basis of fact? Fact or fiction ? Tick tock. Plick Plock. Rick rackity rock dock sock lock. Shack shillerme timbers ring ring ring ring... hello? (I'm a poet).

I digress. NICODEMUS

Monday, January 30, 2012

Diptych, triptych, twos and threes: When is something identical?

Two identical cups of coffee. Can two things be the same? When can you tell the difference?

Are they the same?

Today I had two cups of Starbucks blonde coffee- tall.

1. I looked at the cups even when they were filled and could see that they looked alike.

2. It confounded me. Were the two cups mirror images of each other but co-existing in the same reality as me? This is in the sense that Since something in the mirror only exists in that image but not in the reality of where I Stand looking at the mirror gazing at the identical image of what is being represented. What's the difference between two identical cups of coffee and one that's in the mirror. Obviously you can't touch and hold the mirror image but you can hold it in your mind- aka imaginary space/ hyperreality.