Thursday, June 7, 2012

Findings in nature part a zillion

On Friday, June First, 2012 I spotted a couple of cardinals playing on the garden hose by the wall.  This incident was particularly interesting to me because I believe they were trying to get a drink from it in addition to playing for playing sake.  

Today, I found this picture of a small bird next to a kelly (This isn't Kelly Green but Olive Green) Green garden hose.  This image definitely doesn't portray the instance of what it was like to glimpse the two cardinals but has a completely different mood.  With this in mind, it's intriguing to compare how birds by garden hoses are able to have separate and even conflicting manners of coming across to an individual like myself.  Why does this issue present itself to have relevancy (The Scientific word one borrows from physics or Earth Sciences is proving adequate in explanation right now since it's being brought up to attention how vastly diverse the pairing of objects can be and photography is the simplest modern medium to capture this since it's advent although of course drawing and other photo realist-type of works do a good job.  However, that type of talk isn't that significant.  Especially when at it's essence this is an idea that's born out of feeling/emotion as it's only way to comprehend the issue.  

Points being made broken down for simple comprehension:

1.  Two Objects - Bird (object A) Garden Hose (object B)

2.  Bird (Object A) and Bird 2 (Object A1)  playing by the Garden Hose (Object B)

3. Bird (Object A) and Garden Hose (Object B) With the Bird (Object A) sitting next to the Garden Hose (Object B) not playing

4.  What's the difference between the Number One (1.) example and the Number Two (2.) Example?  OK asking to find a difference is a lot- maybe that's too much to figure out.  Let's reduce it so that it's much easier.  (It  (It)  being the gleaming)  does it seem apparent that the only way to tell a difference with similar objects is when the application of feeling/emotion is put into play with 1. and 2. ?  This is one approach the other approach is to take out the entire instance of objects and base it completely on theory, here we now have an idea that is just what if we only thought used the imagination to think we might have seen two birds and then another one only through digital formal through the google images search.  Now there's no way any one will predict any sort of conclusion.  No equals (=), No sum or end product that will be brought up.


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