Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Roman Calender vs Druid Calender and issue of Practicality (does the Mayan/Aztec Calender count?)

This is a Mayan Calander 1.Carved in Stone 2.Face with Tongue Hanging out

Why have the Romans remained quite so popular with the advent of their calender? This means it seems that everyone uses it as a method in which to plan events and meetings. I believe that the circular method of date planning that the Druids/Celtics, Mayans, Aztecs (some-what ancient civilizations B.C. etc) had a stronger footing based upon the basis of reality.

Some people call the way to say the days of the week on the left "Spanish" and the Right "English".

Monday Sunday

Tuesday Monday

Wednesday Tuesday

Thursday Wednesday

Friday Thursday

Saturday Friday

Sunday Saturday

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Organization of Chaos



wave frequency in regards to the habitual nature of the destructive tendencies that can be associated with synchronicity.

Ecologically speaking I like to relate the obvious example of waves in the ocean with electromagnetic waves.

parle this through microwaves and cell phone towers and maybe harmonize them with brain wave frequencies and then try and mix it up to see what you get.

Predicting the future

Oftentimes I've spent wondering to myself the validity of predicting the future in the sense that are voices in your head God speaking to you directly. Today in the political realm lots of politicians have made statements saying that God speaks to them/suggests alternative behavior to the way in which mankind has been conducting themselves. The Conducive/non-conducive manner of thought that has been brought up into debate seems to be a black and white argument. (We all know the power of gray these days :D )

Is there really a time to heal, a time to kill, a time to stand, a time to sit, a time to jump, a time to spin? The whole fact of the matter is that since the world is heliocentric (thanks Copernicus) revolves around the sun, the idea of time is completely a manifest of relativity. On the basis of what's relative what's to suggest that time and the circular/ circadian / loop method of measurement has an basis of fact? Fact or fiction ? Tick tock. Plick Plock. Rick rackity rock dock sock lock. Shack shillerme timbers ring ring ring ring... hello? (I'm a poet).

I digress. NICODEMUS