Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Pattern Recognition, by William Gibson I haven't read but I have given thought to finding patterns in the leaves of trees and foliage especially in a jungle or deep forest setting.  (a la Nature Boy) What types of connections could you find?  Probably a few different ones that would be aesthetically pleasing with some function.  Like the obvious Spiderweb!

This is very Moody Blues and has the intonation of a psychedelic way of thinking.  That's Okay.

Colors shifting in the dark.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Mailman versus The Catbird

Interestingly enough today I noticed something that one can describe as an issue of territory.  Subject being how much of a nuisance are Catbirds and their nests in regards to mail delivery on a day-to-day basis.  In this instance here I am able to parlay the witnessing of a single Catbird displacement through the removal of a bit of thicket  located near the black mailbox.   

What's good about the thicket becoming smaller is that the Yellow Lillies (just like Van Gogh's only Yellow and not Purple) stand out more/have more of a presence and give the black mailbox drama.  The problem being is that the Catbird's nest is gone so the Catbird will have to make a new one.  When I watched/observed it's behavior today it seemed apparent that it was in a state similar to shock.  
I could be just projecting.      

Did the mailman/postal carrier  feel that the thicket was presenting a challenge?  I think it was just an instance of tidying up.