Thursday, July 28, 2011


A few different things that I've been noticing in regards to bird sounds have given me the incentive to think about seriously. It seems that the cardinal has a very annoying chirp most of the time. Then, suddenly it will have a pretty song. It must be a sensitive bird that is vigilant to its surroundings. Why is it the color red? Blue jays although pushy, like to stay up high in trees and watch. Their vigilance is marked by a succession of throaty calls. The problem is that it seems that they want to be a full blown predator. But not ready to make the leap of faith. ( a Hail Mary?) A Cat Bird is my favorite bird because the calls have the nicest sound. They seem to have a sense of humor. On the other hand- if it has the self awareness enough to make jokes (self mocking ones at that) why not use that energy to actually make a great bird call? It's my impression that they have a self handicap as if this were a game of golf! Life's not a game.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Here is a F-22 Raptor which reminded me of the little birds attacking the hawk. What's interesting about the F- 22 Raptors is that they are very expensive.

Hawks versus small birds

Today, I noticed a terrorist act. However, instead of among people- this was among birds.

Five small birds were ganging up on one large hawk. Surrounding and dive-bombing mid-flight. The hawk was making an attempt to fly out of the way. Why was this going on. I think it's an issue of territory, (food, resources, etc) As in: That hawk might have had a history of disrupting the small birds. Then, the little birds decided to band together and chase the hawk out. Either way, it was reminiscent of a dogfight (which is a form of aerial combat between fighter aircraft- up close and personal).