Monday, June 11, 2012

Individuals who cast personal aspersions (sounds like Aspergers)

Talk about a touchy subject!  Let's begin with the *purposefully* benign instance of a walk down the street.  OOPS.  Stepped in gum.  Now what?

1. Start to fume like a volcano.  Allow all kinds of thoughts to enter the mind such as, @#$#^#&#&#*  !@#%^&%$## &*^%$##  ^&&^$$ !!!!!!!!  (direct these expletives towards the imagined individual )

2. Keep walking but remain peeved and petulant.  Petulance enters the equation since from an outside perspective all that's seen is irritability for an unknown reason- (unknown because no one can tell there's gum on ones shoe but the one with the gum on the shoe).

3. Make a decisive decision which will direct the next course of action.  a. Take the time to scrape the gum off the shoe using a tool  This is good since this type of behavior is what separates animals and people.

Now all one has to do is self-congratulate.

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