Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mind and it's intrinsic ability to create/manifest Artificial Reality, Simulation, and how This relates to Imagination and Creativity..

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of watching Men in Black 3 or MIBIII.  It was a real treat for many reasons that include: Pitbulls "Back in Time"  which I like as much if not more than Will Smith's tune "Here come the men in Black".  This movie touches upon the concept of time travel and people's ability to move through dimensions . Human and alien interaction is explored and like usual brought to life through wonderful imaginative creations.  Many of the alien creations were found in the kitchen in Chinatown.  Interestingly enough many had the appearance of being an aquatic creature and this is not the first time the relation between the deep sea/coral reef/shallow water dwelling oceanic species has made it's way as to resemble alien life.  It's true that space and the ocean have similarities.  The Ocean is up for exploration just like the universe.

How does the mind relate to space, time travel and simulation?   Well the explanation is two fold- before I went to see mib3 I had a though provocative experience.

In the passenger side of a vehicle traveling aprox. 45 mph with the early evening sun casting light on my face directly (since the window was down) and the wheels of the tires moving through puddles of water (the was after rain) for a split second/ instant I could picture myself on top of a mountain and flying through the air just like snowboarder the flying tomato Shaun White.  Ding!

What was the difference between this instant of complete mental immersion into a pretend or made up version of flying through the air and the actual experience of doing such?  The obvious response is well- one is real and one is fake.

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