Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Leopard Frog Pain

This summer has been quite rainy and made for a difficult experience to cut the grass. I think it could be called "the summer of the earthworm" because of how many healthy earthworms I've come across. Also, its more difficult to mow the lawn when there is a muddy area in the grass so it has the feeling of a swamp.
When the lawn mower hit a spot that was kind of hilly, I noticed some hoppers hopping out of the lawn. I was taken aback and turned off the power of the lawn mower. I felt kind of disgusted about these frogs. Some frogs bother me and gross me out, I like it when they're in a pond and poke there eyes out. When they hop around on land it's really unnerving for some reason. Especially when there are more than three of them. When they hop up so you can see them and then go back and hide in the grass, its almost worse than when slugs do that kind of thing. Nothing is worse than stepping on a slug and I can't even say about what its like with a frog. (AAGH!! I feel like throwing up thinking about it.) Anyway, these spotted Leopard frogs bother me. I'm kind of scared of them. Land dwelling frogs, I guess that they have to stay around and I'm not ever going to dismiss their presence. Especially since they have such a strong one.

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