Monday, September 12, 2011

Frogs 'croak Birds 'chirp

Interestingly enough on a nature walk this afternoon I heard but a single frog croaking who made just one 'croak noise. Several moments later another noise that reminded me of a bullfrog came about in a manner suggestive of life-in-a-swamp.

Frogs and turtles go hand in hand. Both have a zen-like way of being submerged and then peering out of the water.

Then out of nowhere a bird will make a call and the frog might notice it. Another way to test a frogs awareness or intelligence is to watch it for a while and test its ability to recognize your presence without casting a shadow over its body.

Bullfrogs. So many frog species.

Turtles. Box, painted, CRAZY snapping turtles. not to mention sea turtles which are of their own category, same goes with tortoises (how about the 181 year old tortoise named "Jonathan" found on St.Helena near Africa).

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