Sunday, August 7, 2011

Tropical Birds At the Zoo

Last week I took an excursion to the Central Park Zoo. There, I visited the Tropical Zone. I got acquainted with the birds. For one thing, this part of the zoo is not a strange place for me. Which is why it has taken me a whole week to actually write. I'd really like to write about fresh perspectives, new takes on bird watching and "outdoorsing" in general. So writing about this part of the park is a challenge.

1. For the first time in years the Scarlet Ibis now is nesting with chicks.

2. The wild-crazy peacocks still fly out of their given diorama habitat area and go on the path for people.

3. I didn't see the Kookaburra, but I'd like to.

4. I made acquaintanceship with a very special West African Long-tailed Hornbill (Bucerotidae) called Bedrock. Bedrock was given to the zoo under questionable circumstances. He arrived with one of his feet gone, his beak broken a little and without being scared of anything.

Seems like the zoo is doing better than ever.

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