Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bird Confrontation

This afternoon I took a walk on a nice bit of property at a quaint private school. In the backyard of the art building was a comfortable deck with a few tables and chairs- places to have lunch and gaze out at the small vista. I walked past this area and there I was ASSAULTED WITH LOUD SQUAWKING!!! A family of robins was protecting their young. They were completely freaking out- all out. This means that the robins were puffed out, and making fake-out attempts to dive bomb me with their pointy beaks and sharp bird feet. The young baby bird fell out of the nesting area and onto the ground/ I was scared. I was frightened of the situation in general and I put my keys and cell phone on one of the tables because I was so startled. Then I ran away. BUT....a few minutes later, after calming down, I went back. I had to get my belongings back. THE baby bird made a bee-line, and took off in a straight direction in a violent manner. The adult robins started freaking out AT ME and once again I was frightened and so I left. Before I went back that second time I did see a the dead corpse of a bird. This upset me further and made me stay in the back (the porch wraps around) and took heed from my cool, calm, and collected inner voice.

(please excuse the fervent manner in which this is written, as I am attempting to make the frenzy that I faced come through in this hectic dialogue).

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