Wednesday, February 9, 2011

animals/ Animal intelligence

Alligator Gar.

Canadian Lynx.

Both are predators and both stay away from the ocean-

Meaning that they reside by estuaries. Many Alligator Gars live in the area by the Mississippi river basin. The Canadian Lynx's habitat is scattered but it seems that they might be found in the taiga (lower section of the tundra) part of North America.

The question remains. Which one is smarter? Also can you really gage their intelligence in a way that makes sense?


Cristina Sarno said...

The alligator gar is an ambush predator, and ambush predators are always scarier than stalking predators (like the canadian lynx). Ambush predators attack at anytime- they're preprogrammed to attack without any sense of self preservation.
Stalking predators are wary, they don't want to be noticed and more concerned with avoiding harm than they are with killing their prey. So they're not as scary.

Cristina Sarno said...

Stalking predators have to engage in a lot of behavioral patterns that hone their skills. Like playtime. group activities, nurturing. all that other stuff. You can turn the tables on a stalking predators. While ambush predators are either eating or waiting, that's it.

Cristina Sarno said...

when I wrote "they reside by estuaries" this was meant to imply, they live by fresh water. Of course they live by fresh water. This is something I shouldn't have to explain, but unfortunately I've had some feedback in the "real world" contradicting this statement.
Either way it doesn't really matter, because these animals are pretty much few and far between.

Cristina Sarno said...

Actually, estuaries are a little bit different than what I wrote above.

So maybe the idea if Canadian Lynx's live by estuaries or not is miniscule.

The concept of water is pretty irrelevant in regards to these types of animals. Of course, they drink fresh water.

Cristina Sarno said...

Estuaries and salt water go hand in and hand.

Fresh and salt BUT not brackish- duh!