Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Asssscat 3000 11.11.07

I went to the Filmore at Irving Plaza, near Union Square in New York City, this past Sunday evening, November 11, 2007, to see the Upright Citizen Brigade's classic performance of Asssscat 3000. This was a special performance of Asssscat 3000 because, it was with the original Upright Citizen members: Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh and Ian Roberts. Two other performers included Horatio Sanz of Saturday Night Live and Chad Carter who is a long time member of the Upright Citizen's brigade. It was wonderful to watch these six funny people on stage. They performed an improvised sketch based on a story taken from the audience. Most of the stories told were racy, and they acted out about ten in two periods.
I enjoyed the first half more than the second mostly because I had to stand. It was difficult to stand and watch with little movement for almost four hours. On the other hand, I wasn't bored or uninterested at all. It's great to laugh at people who are professional comics. This performance felt nostalgic because Amy Poehler, Matt Besser, Matt Walsh, and Ian Roberts and maybe Horatio Sanz have all been performing together since at least 1996.
I love how deadpan Matt Walsh's AKA Kevin Beekin (from the Comedy Central show...) delivery is, and how crazy Amy Poehler can get, same with Matt Bessar's intense face and voice,


woodyBatts said...

So would you recommend it?
I hate standing for too long...I'm just difficult like that.

Cristina Sarno said...

Watching these four: Matt Walsh, Ian Roberts, Amy Poheler and Matt Besser together live is a religious experience, the chemistry is unique and the best of the best as far as improv goes. No middle of the road bs. They, and the UCB, (Upright Citizen's Brigade theatre and group) are a high caliber act and the vanguard of comedy.
Their theatre on 307 W,26 at 8th Ave, NYC has seats, it would have been better to watch them sitting, but I would reccomend it ABSOLUTELY *****
On the other hand- it's because of the talent themselves, I've seen some mediocre and lamo performance at their theatre- but other acts performed by associates of the headliners.